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    Industrial Style Bedroom

    I’m excited to share my latest industrial-style bedroom design project with you today. Rather than undergoing a complete renovation, we opted for a room refresh to enhance the existing interior. This bedroom exudes a cool and minimalist vibe without compromising on comfort. The focal point of the room is the wall behind the bed, which features a microcement finish. This innovative material flawlessly replicates the look of concrete while offering a breathable and moisture-resistant surface. In line with the clients’ preferences, we incorporated IKEA furniture throughout the bedrooms. To add character and avoid replacing the doors, we cleverly painted the door frames black. This simple yet effective trick elevated the…

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    The second rendition of the bathroom design.

    Introducing the second rendition of the bathroom design I had the privilege of crafting recently. Here’s a little secret: when you choose to work with me, you’re in for a delightful surprise. I offer not just one, but up to two versions of your design proposal. With this unique approach, you’ll have the chance to explore and evaluate two different layouts and styles. You will have the opportunity to compare, contrast, and select a final design that meets your individual requirements. You’re encouraged to share your valuable feedback, suggest modifications, or even bring forth new ideas, guaranteeing a seamless execution of the project without any unwanted surprises. Specifically, this design…

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    3 meters square bathroom project!

    Tackling projects for incredibly small spaces like this one is no easy feat! It requires a great deal of knowledge, creativity, and a deep understanding of the interior design to maximise every inch. Picture this: transforming a seemingly minuscule area into a stylish oasis of relaxation and charm; it’s like performing magic! From carefully selecting the perfect color palette that elongates the space, to strategizing on clever storage solutions that maximize functionality without compromising on style, every inch counts! One of the main hurdles I faced was dealing with numerous pipes running along the walls and under the ceiling. It was essential to find creative solutions to hide them without…

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    Girls room! Stunning makeover for two sisters!

    I’m thrilled to unveil a stunning makeover of a small, romantic bedroom designed for two beautiful sisters. Prepare to be enchanted by the stylish touch that IKEA furnitures bring to this space. The design has been completed by an eye-catching wallpaper with an original pattern from Photowall.co.uk! This design is all about combining functionality and beauty in perfect harmony. Every inch of the room has been thoughtfully organized to make it smart and efficient. From clever storage solutions to innovative features, this bedroom is truly a gem. Curious to see more? Stay in the loop by following me on Facebook. If you’re in need of assistance with your own interior,…

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    Discover stunning apartment design!

    Excited to showcase my latest interior design project for a 38-meter square stunning apartment I’ve had the amazing opportunity to be a part of. It was a challenging endeavor as we had to completely renovate the apartment, including removing walls to create an open living room concept. But with a little creativity and a few design tricks I managed to bring out the absolute best in this space. Curious to see more? Stay in the loop by following me on Facebook. If you’re in need of assistance with your own interior design project, I’d be delighted to lend a hand. Reach out to me, and together we can tailor a…

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    Green Harmony: An Elegant Living Room with Nature-Inspired Design

    Introducing a hassle-free interior design project of living room that boasts an irresistible aesthetic, without burdening the owners with extensive efforts. Designing a living room like this one can be a challenging task. In some cases, the presence of multiple doors can limit the possibilities of arranging furniture in a nice and functional way. Such a situation can be overwhelming for some people, especially when the layout is not ideal. But with the right knowledge and approach, any room can be made functional and beautiful. For this living room I made just a few minor alterations and adorned the space with appropriate embellishments, resulting in a stylish and functional space.…

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    Elegant & stylish living room

    This project is not just about aesthetics, it’s about connecting with the heart and soul of a homeowner. An exquisite living room designed with light, airy colours that exude sophistication and style. Transforming a dull living room into a bright and spacious place with a touch of elegance is always a rewarding project. I used a combination of light colours, modern textures, and statement accent pieces to create a space that feels open and inviting. But wait, there’s more! A characteristic element of this living room is the dark oak coffee table. It adds a striking contrast to the light colours, making it a true centerpiece of the space. Last…

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    Modern bathroom for lovers of elegance.

    Step into this beautyful bathroom adorned in calming light colours that combines a sleek and modern aesthetic with a touch of playful elegance. The soft, muted shade of the tiles imitating marble pairs beautifully with the light colour of the furnitures, imparting a gentle warmth that envelops the entire space. Every detail has been carefully thought out and meticulously executed, from the stunning lighting that accentuates every corner of the bathroom, to the interplay of contrasting colors, textures, and materials. The bathtub and shower combo was the perfect addition to this bathroom and gave it a resort-style feel. It was also a great way to maximize space and provide both…

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    A functional, inspiring, and creative design of talented girl’s room.

    I’m sharing a makover of a small romantic bedroom designed to meet all the requirements of an active and talented 12-year-old girl. A touch of boho style fulfilled with lots of functional solutions made this small bedroom smart and beauty. Even though she’s a pink-loving princess now little girls change their tastes as they grow into their tweens. So it make sense that project will be flexible accommodating changing needs. The big-ticket items stand in neutral, just decorated with magical touches through fabric, lighting, artwork, and quirky accessories that can be rearranged anytime. Taking into account Pola’s needs and expectations, the place under the bed has been arranged for a…

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